Laboratory supply

Cryo boxes and racks for refrigeration and freezing equipment in the laboratory

(9,500 x order systems) for refrigeration and freezing equipment in the laboratory

By scientific Labors; classification system with the Freezers is the requirement for one systematicly , efficiently and successfully working..

German-Cryobox giving these conditions and devoting this order by convictions and of passion.

Passion for practical details and for intelligent solutions regarding classification systems for cryobox-storage-systems.

German-Cryo-Box Product-Range with an application-optimizing product-spezifications for the interior furnishings of Deep-Freezers chest or upright type all Trade Marks. 

German Cryobox, Hamburg will be supported by an proffessional Logistic-Center, national and international and just one click from you:

Overview - Product groups:

-  Polycarbonate Cryo Boxes, coded or uncoded
-  Polypropylene Cryo-Boxes, coded or uncoded
-  Cryoboxes made of Carton / Fiberboard, special Types
-  Racks made of stainless steel for Cryoboxes
-  Cryobox-Dividers made of Carton / Fiberboard  and of Plastics.

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