Always On Molbile

NET motion wireless VPN software eliminated radio holes in online data traffic

The Hansekon "Always On Mobile" is Germany's first Mobile Security, and Enterprise Mobility Partners & Distributor, specializing in real-time "eLicensing" and "eLicense" Value Added Distribution.

Net Motion Wireless VPN Software - überbrückt die Wireless Funklöcher * Alle Online-Verbindungen werden 100% aufrechterhalten * kein Leitungsabriß & ständig ONLINE

As a division of Hansekon GmbH, which has its origin in the 80th  with global trade, the Hansekon "Always On Mobile", is the result of the consistent further development of the trends in the logistics into real-time eLicense logistics.

This serves the Hansekon "Always On Mobile" with its specially developed electronic delivery process system in real time the consumer and business customers and is capable of the entire supply chain from manufacturer eLicense through resellers to the end customer mapping.

Our Hansekon eLicense platform guarantees the highest quality to our customers.

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