Cryo boxes for laboratory equipment, in particular in the medical deep cold areas can be used

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By scientific Labors; classification system with the Freezers is the requirement for one systematicly , efficiently and successfully working..  www.German-Cryobox.DE

German-Cryobox giving these conditions and devoting this order by convictions and of passion.

Passion for practical details and for intelligent solutions regarding classification systems for cryobox-storage-systems.


German-Cryo-Box Product-Range with an application-optimizing product-spezifications for the interior furnishings of Deep-Freezers chest or upright type all Trade Marks. 

German Cryobox, Hamburg will be supported by an proffessional Logistic-Center, national and international and just one click from you:

Overview - Product groups:

Polycarbonate Cryo Boxes, coded or uncoded
Polypropylene Cryo-Boxes, coded or uncoded
Cryoboxes made of Carton / Fiberboard, special Types
Racks made of stainless steel for Cryoboxes

Racks for Cryo boxes, stainless

Inventory racks for Cryo boxes, stainless

Cryobox-Dividers made of Carton / Fiberboard  and of Plastics.

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Product category:
Kryobox ordering systems, sample storage, Cryo boxes, chest racks, racks, Cabinet drawers, Tiefkühlsränke, freezers, micro titer plates,
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Carton Cryo boxes, systems for the storage of samples, Cryo boxes, storage boxes made of cardboard. Different sizes and raster operations,
Cryo boxes out of cardboard, cardboard boxes, long term storage in the laboratory area, cardboard grid inserts, plastic grid inserts, plastic grid inserts, A-boxes, B-boxes, boxes type A, type B,Cryo boxes made of polypropylene with solid 9 x 9 grid of sample storage, Cabinet boxes, wardrobe boxes from stainless steel, storage, deep cold Cabinet, refrigerator, freezer,Cryo boxes online, buy Kryobox online shop, Kryobox online Bestellsytem, laboratory supplies Cryo boxes online, Kryobox Ordunungssystem - laboratory supplies, buy Cryo storage boxesCryogenic storage boxes for freezer storage, storing system, Thermo Scientific, cheap Cryo boxes with quality, quality Cryo boxes discountedInventory racks made of stainless steel - order systems for storing samples. Cryo boxes from Polypropalen are suitable for storing samples in the laboratory sector. Cold range-90 ° C up to + 121 ° C.Kryobox grid, Kryobox tube, Kryobox height, Kryobox colors, Kryobox order systems, sample storage, Cryo boxes, Kryobox, chest racks, racks, Cabinet drawers with drawerCryo boxes, cardboard boxes, grid, chest racks, racks, cabinet drawer, Cabinet box, Cabinet usage, stainless steel storage racks, tube, mini cooler
Keep, camps, transport, temperature control, microbiology, biotechnology, laboratory chemicals, refrigeration, long term storage,Cryo boxes with lids, Cryo boxes, Cryo boxes, storage boxes, cardboard box laboratory, samples box, Tiefgefrierbar, long term storage, styro rack, cryo identification labels box,Stainless steel cabinet drawer, stainless steel thrust box, stainless steel Cabinet thrust, Cabinet rack with drawers, drawer racks, order systems, sample storage, Cryo boxes, Cabinet drawers, storage cabinets,SchrankeinschÜbe stainless steel, Kryobox order systems, sample storage, filter tips, pipet tip, gel loading tip, PCR, tubes, plates, centrifuge tubes, rack systems, Cryoproducts, Autoradiography, DNA-workstation, hybridisation, thermal cycler,.Dry block heat bath, mini centrifuges, Rotator, microparticles, products for biotechnology, perforated discs as inserts for Cryo boxes for storing samples in the laboratory sector. Cryo boxes, perforated panels, insert, sample storage, facilitating the mapping in the Kryobox

Kryobox features:
best quality at an affordable price.Cryo boxes with lids are suitable for freezing (in freezers), camps (long term storage), moving (on expeditions) your samples and are Autoclavable.Freezergestelle are produced from high-quality, stainless steel, suitable for liquid nitrogen, and fit in all standard chest freezers and freezers.

Lab categories:
Laboratory supplies, life science, storage, transport, histology, microscopy, chromatography, biochemistry, dialysis, electrophoresis, microbiology, molecular biology, chemicals, life science,Pharmaceutical, laboratory & analysis, production, laboratory & analysis, production & manufacturing, research & development, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, contract manufacturerslaboratory products of high quality in the area of molecular biology, immunology, cell biology or related disciplines with high quality instrumentation and accessories,.Doctors, scientists, researchers, MTAs, laboratory doctors, buyers, nurses, medical students, students, emergency services, rescue authorities, doctors,Pharmaceutical, laboratory, analysis, production, manufacturing, research, development, biotechnology, contract creator,Occupational safety and health/safety technology, analytical measurement and testing, stirring, shaking, mixing, sample preparationDistillation, separation, filtration, cooling and heating technology, liquid handling, vacuum technology, drying, dry storageEnvironmental -, soil -, water -, food analysis, microbiology, life science biotechnology, chromatography,Thermo Scientific refrigeration cooling, temperature control, refrigeration, heating technology, separating, centrifugingLife sciences biotechnology of genomics, proteomics, cell culture, chromatography: vessels, injection, specimen preparation, liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, thin-layer chromatographyPharmaceutical, laboratory, analysis, production, manufacturing, research, development, biotechnology, contract creator,OSH/sic

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